This is Me:


I’m just your “normal” American girl. I was raised Catholic, I wear glasses, and date boys. I’m just like any other girl out there. I just happen to have been born a boy and to have been a famous transgender porn star. This is my story about me becoming the girl I am today. It’s a glimpse into how it felt to be a somebody for a moment, all my emotional and physical trials and tribulations along, and away from my path to stardom.

People say I’m a lot of things…

One thing is for sure… I’m not the girl you thought I was; I’m not your girl nexT door.

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8 thoughts on “This is Me:

  1. I think your so strong. I’m a very normal white dude that has always thought you were incredibly sexy. If you ever just wanna talk I’d love to.

  2. You. are. so. brave. I mean your entire story! Ive adored you for ages. I don’t know if you understand just how many peoples lives you’ve affected… Just imagine how many people who want to be you… I’m one of them. 😉 Best of wishes in all of your endeavors, i envy any and all who get to know you!

  3. Hi

    I am recently admitted transsexual and have been following your journey. I was wondering if you ever thought of mentoring new transgendered people as you have a tremendous style.


  4. Welcome to New York. As a NYT Bestselling Author I wanted to tell you your writing is really strong. If you ever want to talk to an agent about an idea or proposal I really love mine.

    All the best,


  5. You are amazing in and out. Really… you’re so strong and the way you display yourself is an awh. I want to see if I can make friends with you and talk to you. That would be nice :/ if you want you can email me!

  6. Ava,

    Fascinating reading! I began your blog only skimming, but was engrossed very quickly! Have your considered writing a book or memoir? Your story is enthralling! I am a 31 year old man in the Midwest. I doubt we will ever meet but I would love to grab a cup of coffee with you sometime. Hope your summer is enjoyable. Take care!


  7. Ava,
    I love to read what you write and your more beautiful than most of all the girl next doors and you have a better head on your shoulders for sure. I am very proud of you Ava for what you have done and been through in your life, it has made you so very strong and a better woman for sure. May all your dreams come true in this New Year and if I can be of any help please let me know. Hug to you your the best Ava!

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