Even If You Don’t Know

When I look at you I feel home

Like my heart has a cavern all your own

Where crystalline light is a-glow

And where the storms of my mind become a quiet snow

Even if you don’t know

You get me tied up in knots over nothing at all

And nothing is something that you should ignore

Maybe that look we both share is something more than a one-way stare

Or maybe it’s our bare and wicked passions flaring up deep inside

Undressing my every thought and bringing me closer to you

But then I wake up and I wish you knew

Even if you don’t know

How you make me smile on even the worst days,

And how I’ve been stuck on you since your debut

When you brought water color pastels into my neutral world

We hide it bad, as bad as I think we both want one another,

but who am I to assume that you think about me too, alone in your room.

Or maybe you’re not alone, but even if I don’t know,

All I know is that I hope she’s good to you.



Burning Hypo-Critical Indecisive Me

I thought I knew it all

My self-righteous martyrdom were my walls

That I bounced off of like a post-pardoned pin-up ball

All the misery comforted my naked body like a blanket

As I hid in plain sight within the confides of the world’s order

A world of good intention left room for me to mend what was mine

When I came to find what was left I would Midas and make

Until I had a shiny brand new existence of values bigger and better than the last

But all I got was brass, and a tarnished view of the past, polished but not pretty

Was the past me really all that bad? The one that was messy and uniquely unclad?

My emotions melded together from my foreshadowed future and my provocative past

Then they became one molten madness manipulating my hard unwavering core

Internal combustion that made me feel sore seemed to somehow channel paths

That expressed themselves honestly heralding my passions that born deep within

The eruption foretold in fantasies that would somehow recreate the underdog above.

Layer-by-spewing-layer they forged their way to the top and smothered me in a blanket of my own fire.

What was underneath burned away, yet the shell of the my prior self laid encased

Fossilized familiar feelings that are paralleled by paradox and futility became my new foundation for a better world outside of myself.

Hopes that were not in vain, ember and crackle away feeding my center’s engine

This hyper hypocritical negative self-talk would not have room within this alchemical reconfiguration.

The best parts of me rush forward, and the bad simply join the flowing paths to the surface; what was left of my world.

It burned away all I had spent three years building, it killed all my concurrent attempts

Seethed the shackles of my upbringing, and washed them down the mountain

A mountainous range that I had dreamed of climbing, that was becoming me was now barren.

The world  looks in horror at what I’ve done, and it weeps for it’s normalcy.

It took three years to build this, and it took but seconds to level.

And just when they thought that I was gone forever, they hear the sound

Of shattering Earth within the ground, and I caw as I am projected above it all

I spread my wings; I fly.



The Moon – Larger Than Life Lenormand





The moon shines bright in the night sky for all the world to see. The spherical illuminator  is a like a giant spotlight in the dark and the stars twinkling are the paparazzi’s camera flashes. Like the moon, our psychic intuition and divine feminine energy wax and wane. This cards can represent one’s reputation, psychic abilities, feminine life cycles, or in it’s most literal interpretations, the moon, whether full or new. In terms of time the moon can represent 2-to-4 weeks time/ month, or speak specifically about the upcoming full or new moon. Mainly, the card means how the world views us and recognizes us, but this card can be interpreted as secrets of our subconscious mind or even the secrets of others.